in my personal opinion if someone were to make a SBURB simulator complete with server/client connections, a combination of NPC players and human players would probably have a lot more potential than a team comprised entirely of players, at least in terms of immersion

you’d have one human player acting as the server for an NPC, and then your server would be an NPC

so on the server side of the game, you’ve got a randomised little AI running around with all the inhabitants of its randomised house, and you can place machines and mess with their environment as a server player normally would be able to

and then once your server player has done everything they need to do to your house, youd unlock the client side of your game, where you get to explore your own land in first person

the combination of randomly-generated non-humans as well as a first-person client segment of the game would lead to a more ‘you’re the one in the game’ sort of feel in my opinion

and if every player character has one associated NPC, that means you wouldn’t need to have an even amount of people playing in the one session to have proper balance

human players could all be Prospit dreamers and Derse could be populated by the NPCs (which would fit with the ‘main characters = prospit dreamers’ theme in canon), and your classpect could be decided as you play the game with invisible reputation / alignment counters adding up as you make certain decisions (and NPC classpects could be shuffled around from the leftover classes and aspects, and their personalities / AI could fittingly change to match these as they progress in the game)

EDIT: also the fact that NPCs are playing with you means that your in-game house not matching up to your real-life house could be justified as ‘all the NPCs in your session are fucking idiots and they completely remodelled your house during the entry process

EDIT II: None of the human players would ever get the chance to see eachothers’ houses so that issue is resolved as well

Relating to both of those points, since kernelsprites are supposed to be first-tier prototyped by the server player, the use of NPCs could clear up any issues with the amount of possibilities of prototyped items. Using an array of set objects and randomising their names / several of their features you could maintain a managable amount of possibilities while at the same time making each playthrough still unique. (You could even use location data to see what kind of wild animals live in the area, or maybe the NPCs can survey certain information from you via pesterlogs)

Second-tier prototyping would be way easier to handle since you’d be able to get hands-on with the stuff in your house and on your land

(alchemising additional server / client disks during the game would be completely acceptable since your in-game house is no longer required to look anything like your real-life house)


Condesce for Brianne from yesterday (xoxo), I’m p sad I had to rush off so didn’t get to talk to a lot of people


Since I’ve been doing a lot more work on my fantrolls (and apparently getting a lot of publicity for my limeblood in particular), I think it’s about time I put my headcanons on the lime spectrum into text.

So based off canon, the colour of lime blood in trolls sits at about #658200, which looks like this;


And this colour was taken from the walls of the Grand Highblood. However, a little-known fact in the fandom is that before this colour appeared on the walls, a different, cooler shade of green took its place, which looked like this;


And this colour fills the gap between Olive and Jade - which just so happens to be the largest colour gap on the hemospectrum. Seems more of a logical place to put an extinct caste, don’t you think?

And what’s more - if you brighten this colour up to 84% brightness, which is the same brightness as Calliope’s blood;


And then compare it to Calliope herself’s blood (at #2ed73a, after the above colour), which has also been described as lime;


Combine this with the idea that a bright olive could be classed as lime

And you get a whole spectrum of lime which ranges from betwixt gold/olive all the way up to olive/jade. So if you factor in the increasing brightness of these colours, then…


All the colours in that little black triangle shape on this little scribbly hemospectrum chart I made in GIMP just then would be classified as lime and are thus cullworthy on canon Alternia.

Do whatever you want with this headcanon! Just thought I’d share it with you all and see what you think.


the only difference between Fef and Karkat’s blood colors is that one is praised and respected, the other is frowned upon, but both are mutations, and Kanaya’s blood is probably some form of mutation too. Why are two mutations so loved and worshipped and the other only spoken of in dark shadow?

it’s actually entirely possible karkat’s blood was frowned upon not because it was of a rare colour, but because it belonged to a revolutionary who almost toppled the highbloods’ control over the planet


just finished act 6 act 1…oh wowee

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welcome to the world a new little memer, Scourj serket/pyrope

she in fact, shouldnt exist but shes fucking adorabole so who cares


i actually really like how this came out.

aquariumstuck AU - salihombox


I went to an aquarium last weekend and found out that horseshoe crabs have blue blood then this happened


홈스턱을 알게 된지 어느새 2년


its been a while since ive drawn hs

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Behold Robes Y/N?


i redesigned hellenic ! now shes 666% ready for the pirate life


this looks more like the cover of a YA novel starring dave strider than concept art, haha.  still pretty happy with it though!