Okay! So you know that thing I mentioned? Last night? I actually did it

This seems like it should have taken longer than it did but whatever

This is a chart that includes the combinations of all the SGRUB troll symbols and blood colours. I used this colour blender and designed all the symbols myself - believe it or not, I drew all the symbols themselves quite some time ago, before I had even heard of Erisol or Fefeta, but of course those seem like some pretty obvious combinations.

Cancer is on there twice - all the symbols are the same, but the colours are different because I included both mutant candy red as well as the extinct lime caste, which is useful only for the colours.

So basically, use these for whatever! The symbols + colours can be used for shipping, the symbols can be used for bloodswaps, the colours can be just used for generic fantroll purposes. In fact, some of these signs are different enough just to be used on their own, without any relation to the original trolls.

A lot of these blood colours would probably be considered off-spectrum and therefore mutations, but on the other hand a lot of them will be perfectly fine! I reccomend using this colour converter to find the hues of any blood colours on this chart, and then using the guide at the bottom half of this page to determine what caste each colour would fall into!

Would be cool if anyone could link me if they use anything of this chart so I can determine how entirely useless this endeavour was overall.

February 11, 2014
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